Mississippi State Tactical Airsoft Club (MS-TAC)


The primary purpose of this organization shall be the following:

  • To have fun learning combat tactics and engaging in tactical simulations.
  • To promote teamwork and self motivation.
  • To promote safety with replica firearms.

ARTICLE III: Location and Government

  • The location of this organization shall be Mississippi State University.
  • This organization shall be governed by this constitution.

ARTICLE IV: Membership

Active/Inactive members shall be composed of anyone in good standing with MS-TAC and MSU.

ARTICLE V: Officers
  • All executive power of MS-TAC shall be vested by the civilian President. Other offices Vice President, Treasurer, Webmaster, Secretary, Public Relations, and Supply Officer. The officers will serve until the next election which is held by the second month of the Fall semester.

    1. If an officer cannot fulfull his/her duties, a special election will take place to elect a new officer.

  • Duties and powers of officers

    1. Duties and Powers of the President
      • Conduct meetings.
      • Conduct election proceeding for the following year.
      • Organize activities.
      • Decision making on use of treasury money for equipment and gear.
      • Attend club activities.
      • Able to change game rules to better accommodate the safety and well being of the club.

    2. Duties and Powers of the Treasurer
      • Attend club meetings.
      • Keep an accurate account of club financial records and information.
      • Present a monthly report of finances.

    3. Duties and Powers of the Secretary
      • a) Attend club meetings.
      • Keep an accurate record of all club activities, meetings, and attending members.
      • Organize legal proceedings regarding permission forms, and activity events.
      • To inform all club members of events dates, club dates, etc...

    4. Duties and Powers of the Webmaster
      • Maintain website monthly.
      • Attend club meetings.
      • Post events and coorelate monthly with secretary.
      • Update and regulate facebook group.

    5. Duties and Powers of the Supply Officer
      • Attend club meetings.
      • Keep an active inventory of all club equipment.
      • Store or maintain storage location of club equipment.

    6. Duties and Powers of the Public Relations Officer
      • Attend club meetings.
      • Run club recruitment events.
      • Manage club fundraisers.

  • The advisor of MS-TAC shall be a member of the faculty or staff at MSU.
    1. The advisor will not vote.
    2. Advisors will be selected by a majority club vote.
    3. Advisors must sign all financial transactions and university approval forms (including activity forms) for events.
    4. The active members may vote to elect a new advisor if they feel necessary.

  • Impeachment proceedings can be held if a written petition is submitted to the faculty advisor by one quarter of active members. A special vote for impeachment will be held. Impeachment will be decided by 2/3rds majority vote by active members. The advisor must be present in the voting and will also tally the votes. Officers have no say in the voting process. Officers may vote.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings
  • Meetings will be conducted at least three times a semester to collect active member dues and/or new member dues, and discuss fundraising. During the second week of classes, officers will be selected.
  • Parliamentary Procedure will be used.
  • If there is a called meeting, members will be notified at least one week prior to that meeting through a written or verbal notice.
  • The President will call meetings by informing the secretary. The secretary will notify all active members of the scheduled meetings.
  • A quorum shall consist of fifty percent plus one members.

ARTICLE VII: Dues and Assessments
  • The amount and the assessments of dues will be determined by the officers prior to the first club meeting of the semester.
  • Dues will be paid by the second MS-TAC game attended that the prospective member attends.
  • If and only if you pay your active member dues, you are an Active Member.

ARTICLE VIII: Amending Procedure
  • Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed in writing at least seven days prior to the time they are to be voted upon.
  • Adoption of amendments shall be a 2/3rds vote of members present and voting.

ARTICLE IX: Revision
  • Revision of this Constitution shall be undertaken only if a motion of revision is approved by a 2/3rds vote of the members present and voting. If such a revision is approved, it shall be undertaken by a committee voted on by the active members. The President shall appoint a member to serve as a chairperson of the revision committee. The revision of this Constituion shall be by ballot and shall require a 2/3rds vote of the members present and voting.

ARTICLE X: Non-Discrimination Clause
  • MS-TAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap/disability, or verteran status.