Q: What is airsoft?
A: From wikipedia:
''Airsoft is primarily a recreational activity with replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs that are often used for personal collection, gaming (similar to paintball), or professional training purposes (military simulations, a.k.a. MilSim, and police training exercises). A primary difference between airsoft guns and BB guns is that an airsoft gun uses a 6mm or 8mm plastic pellet and has a muzzle velocity of typically less than 180 meters per second (600 feet); which is generally considered safe when used in a controlled environment and with safety equipment like protective eyewear. ''

Q: What kind of weapons does the club employ?
A: The club specifically doesn't require any make or model of weapon, though we suggest the use of mid- to high- end AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) for main arms and GBB (Gas Blow-back) pistols for sidearms. Other common weapons used include spring-powered shotguns, spring-powered sniper rifles, and gas powered rocket launchers, grenades, or grenade launchers. All of the types of arms listed fire 6mm plastic BBs ranging in mass from 0.20g to 0.28g and velocity from 200 FPS to 500 FPS.
Common manufacturers suggested by club members include Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, SRC, JG, GB, G&G, RWC, and Echo 1. Club members usually buy from retailers such as Airsoft Megastore, Airsoft GI, Redwolf Airsoft, and Airsplat. The club is currently sponsored by Airsoft Megastore and can receive discounts on orders. Club rifles are provided to paid club members if the member does not own a rifle or if the rifle is in repair.
Ammo can be purchased from the club.

Q: What kind of safety measures does the club employ?
A: Please see the club rules section for our safety rules.

Q: What kind of tactical gear does the club use?
A: There is no set standard for the gear club members must carry, other than those dictated by in-game classes and safety rules. The club does suggest that members employ use of camouflage, with BDUs(Battle Dress Uniforms), ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms), or SWAT gear suggested due to their protection and durability.
There is no restriction on how much gear a member may carry.

Q: How much are club dues?
A: Club dues are $20 for 12 months.

Q: What is required of club members?
A: Please see our constitution for details of the duties of club members and officers.

Q: Who is eligible to be in the club?
A: See our constitution for details on who may be in the club.

Q: Are spectators allowed at events?
A: Spectators are allowed at events, but must sign the same waivers that players sign and must wear provided high-visibility vests and goggles to prevent accidental shooting/injury.
Anyone may be a spectator and may attend as many events as they wish with no fees. However, if this privilege is abused, MS-TAC may reconsider and limit spectating to MSU officials only.

Q: What kind of gametypes/scenarios does the club employ?
A: In addition to those gametypes listed on the rules page, new gametypes/scenarios may be implemented on the field at any time by majority vote as long as the gametype/scenario is deemed safe by the president or presiding officer(s).

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