Game Types

  • Team Elimination
  • Teams of equal or similar strength face off in a battle to the last team standing. When a player is hit they are out of the game and should head towards the safe area (depending on medic/respawn rules). Game ends when one side has had all players eliminated.

  • Infection
  • Two teams of equal strength face off in a battle to convert the other side. When a player is hit (infected) they must hold their dead rag up, run to the opposing teams base and reenter the game on that side. There is no limit to the number of times you can be infected. The game ends when every player is on the same team. Semi-auto fire is the only firing mode allowed due to safety.

  • Bomb Assault
  • The objective of this game is for the attackers to plant a bomb in the defenders base. Defenders will have a smaller team than the attackers. The game is over if 1) the time runs out or 2) the bomb is planted.

  • Downed Pilot
  • A pilot placed at a random spot on the field. Opposing teams try to find and secure the pilot. The game ends when one side has moved the pilot to their extraction point.

  • Free-For-All
  • Similar to Team Elimination, however, each team is made up of a single player. Game ends when time runs out or all other players have been eliminated.

  • Collect the Parts
  • A US UAV has taken pictures of the OPFOR's secret WMDs, but before it could get the data transmitted OPFOR AAA knocked it out. However, the hard drive is still intact and the data can be recovered. The wreckage is scattered all over the AO so the exact location of the hard drive in unknown.

    US - We have to have that data! Our satellites mapped out the location of all of the parts but can't tell which contains the hard drive. Recon each location to find the hard drive, return it to the hide, hold for 10 mins.

    OPFOR - We can't let them have proof! The locals reported the locations of each site. Find the hard drive, bring it to base, hold it for 10 mins.

  • Evac!
  • US - It's time to get out of here! Get to the evac site and wait for the chopper. It will take 1 hour to get here. We have to remove all evidence that we were here. Take all computers, data, files, ect to the extraction site and destroy your base, wait for extraction.

    OPFOR - The Americans are leaving. We need proof that they were here illegally conducting operations to gain international support. Stop them from escaping, take POWs, gather proof, and stop them from destroying anything.

  • Raid!
  • US - Intel reports a top OPFOR leader is in the area. Raid their compound, capture him, radio in the chopper, extract him.

    OPFOR - Doesn't know that the US knows that top leader is here. However, from the start of the game OPFOR is told that capture of this individual would be devastating to their cause.

  • Blow the supply dump (US only)
  • US - OPFOR has been smuggling in arms for months. We know were it is at go take it out.

    OPFOR - Similar to "Raid." Loss of these arms would cripple our plans, don't let it happen.