Useful Links

  • Online Stores
  • Airsoft GI
    California, USA based. slightly high prices, good customer service, free shipping over $100, great selection
    Airsoft Atlanta
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA based. good shipping costs, INSANELY fast shipping to starkville, competitive selection/prices with GI. Good for comparisons.
    Airsoft Megastore
    Fairly inexpensive mid-ranged products.
    WGC Shop
    Hong Kong based. standard hong kong sihpping prices, interesting selection of things that you sometimes don't find elsewhere
    Redwolf Airsoft
    Hong Kong based. decent prices, standard hong kong shipping prices, crazy insane selection
    Echigoya Guns
    Tokyo based. Has extreme high-end Tokyo Marui products at decent prices. Very experienced customer support.

  • Other Useful Sites
  • Airsoft Mechanics
    Look at the Manufacturer's Direct section. Lots of nifty goodies including the best mosfets on earth and sorbothane at crazy prices. Also has a huge amount of technical infomation on airsoft products.
    Airsoft Retreat
    Great selection of nationwide used airsoft gear. Large number of gear and gun reviews.